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Camila has shown the utmost support and guided me in a way which I thought that I could only hope for. She has been incredibly caring not just for advice but also for listening to my issues. She made me feel completely at ease discussing anything that was on my mind, and being able to let my guard down and express difficult emotions was a huge relief. Her patience, understanding and guidance kept me focused and have enabled me to make what I am confident will be lasting positive changes.


I wasn't sure what to expect when I started with Camila. I thought 'I've got nothing to lose so why not!' I'm glad I did. Camila is caring, very professional, extremely passionate and knowledgeable. I have learned to challenge myself, have a much healthier approach to food and a brighter outlook on life in general.  Camila has helped me to think out of the box, take a step back and given me ideas for coping with stress at work and weight loss too.
I look forward to our sessions, I feel proud of myself with how far I've come. Camila is amazing and makes me feel relaxed. Thank you.


Camila's made a huge difference to my mental wellbeing during this pandemic - from someone who was very anxious and struggling to cope to someone beginning to thrive. Hypnotherapy seems to be able to tackle problems in a more powerful way through working at a subconscious level. I would definitely recommend trying it.


Camila’s weekly hypnotherapy sessions has helped me relax and sleep well so I wake up feeling refreshed and focused on the day ahead.  Her technique is spot on and she had helped me achieved my goals and made me believe that I can be a higher achiever.  I turned from a can’t do attitude to a I can.



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